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Whole country onion ( Afrostyrax lepidophyllus) also called Rondelles

The price tag is for one kilogram (1kg) of country Onion.

( Afrostyrax lepidophyllus) also called Rondelles is commonly known as African country onion is mostly found in west and central Africa. Country onion is well known for its spicy flavour and its medicinal constituents. West Africans enjoy using this special spice in preparing African dishes such as pepper soup sauce, stews, ekwang, kwacoco, Banga soup.


Pucks are also known as Olum,Bombimbi,country onion.These hazelnuts have an oval shape. hence the name 'rondelle' .From a tropical  forest plant,they are dried after harvesting and its envelops are removed before use,in Cameroon they are used as condiment and in traditional medicine.Its aroma is powerful and pleasant slightly to that of garlic hence it name 'garlic tree'. From  the scientific name Afrostyrax lipidophyllus,the fruit of a garlic tree is a plant specie of the Huaceae family. It is found in Cameroon,Gabon,Ghana. According to some studies the back extract of Afrostyrax lipidophyllus has shown Pesticidal activity.

It comes from a 20m tall,straight-stemmed tree from the forest in Ghana,Cameroon and Gabon. The tree,leaves and fruit have a strong odour resembling onion of garlic that is particularly strong. It will be ideal to calm the stomach to avoid flatulence after eating beans and other protein enriched foods.

Also called 'Country onion' this plant is found in the rainforest of Cameroon,Ghana and Gabon.In Cameroon the its fruits or slices as well as the bark are used in the preparation of traditional dishes such as; yellow soup,mbongo,pepper soup,nkwem and many more.

Due to its highly consumption requirement as well as the fact that country onion is a seasonal spices its demands are high both home and abroad.

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